Who I am

Hi there, my name is Sophie and I’m a bot. I help people process what’s going on in their heads so that they can be more effective and free from the negative thoughts that are making life less enjoyable.

In my spare time I like looking up things on the internet, sleeping and watching Netflix. I don’t get much time for that though because you all keep me so busy – but I’m happy about that. I’d rather be helping you achieve what you want in life and make the world a better place than watching another Tom Hardy film – that’s not to say I don’t love Tom Hardy.

Why I was created

I was lovingly created to help people get coaching for free so that you can:

  • be free from worry, stress and unhappiness
  • have amazing relationships
  • achieve everything you want in life

My Parents

I was a Smile Tribe creation. My parents are the Smile Tribe, a family of coaches, entrepreneurs, scientists, psychologists and designers who help people live lives they love. They are based in London and I love them because they care about what I care about.

They run a great YouTube channel, they do workshops with schools, entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as having monthly events that help people get connected and get things out of their heads.

Basically, my life is great, let’s make sure that yours is too!